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guys, whatever you’re posting about, shut up and talk about these six seconds of pure beauty instead.

This guy kills it in every video I’ve seen of him

It’s like each video gets better and better

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Know who you are before you start to judge anybody…You could be looking at a reflection of yourself.


Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin Almost Didn’t Date Because Of Professional Barriers

published on Jan. 19 by Shannon

Actress Meagan Good and Hollywood executive & preacher DeVon Franklin opens up to Essence magazine about their love for the February issue. Franklin reflected on how he first approached his relationship with Good and revealed that the couple’s union [relationship] almost didn’t happened because Devon didn’t want to cross that bridge to date Meagan to avoid seeming unprofessional.  The pair worked together on the 2011 film “Jumping The Broom,” but Franklin wanted nothing more than to view her as one of his colleagues.

"I was mindful of crossing that professional line," Franklin told ESSENCE magazine. "Then, while we were talking at the Jumping The Broom premiere party, I thought, ‘Wait! Something is going on here’ but I kept trying to tell myself, ‘No, no no.’"

Franklin had previously shared the advice that sometimes people’s preferences cloud their judgment thus causing them to miss out on true love.

"What if your greatest blessing is lying on the other side of the very thing you keep rejecting because you don’t think it looks like what you want it to look like," Franklin questioned an OWN "Life Class" audience recently. "When it came to love and it came to dating, I said I would never date an actress.”

Franklin said he believed that not wanting something will bring it into your life. [truth]

"The fastest way for something to happen in your life, is just say, ‘I’ll never do it,’" he said.

Now, he views his wife as a blessing in his life. “Meagan is just so precious, so incredible,” Franklin shares. “When she walks in the room, I think ‘Wow, is that really my wife? God must really think highly of me!’” Ahhh, Precious!

Since getting married almost two years ago, the married couple has seen the beauty of their love highlighted and celebrated in the spotlight. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the duo talked about how they’ve maintained the balance in their love for each other and the relationship especially with their strenuous careers. “We make time for each other every day. Nothing comes before DeVon. Not a movie or photo shoot… nothing,” says the Anchorman 2 star of her husband.

Meanwhile, Devon adds, ”No matter what, we make sure to make time for each other. If she’s working late, I’ll get off early and hang with her on set or vice versa.”

The couple is currently working on a relationship book titled appropriately, “The Wait.” It’s scheduled to be released later this year. 

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